helping find balance & fulfillment.

therapy for stressed, anxious, depressed, & overwhelmed people

Coping with Covid-19 & shelter in place: We’re living in a time of uncertainty, stress and anxiety that is likely once in a lifetime.  Survival fears about sickness and death have suddenly surfaced in a manner that most of us have never experienced. For those of us that have pre-existing PTSD, depression or anxiety, those feelings may be particularly amplified. We’re all seeking safety, comfort, and connection during this environment of extreme isolation. In response to these realities, I am offering therapy sessions, including EMDR using Zoom, FaceTime, or phone. Take care of yourselves and take care of one another.





you find yourself feeling guilty & unsure of how to move forward because you feel drained; having high standards for yourself or due to the difficult experiences you have had when you were younger.  if you are tired of constantly worrying about others & how you impact them, you have come to the right place.

other people may view you as merely a person who “should” be happy, “should” be less anxious, “should” be less sensitive, & “should” just figure it out. as far as anyone on the outside knows, there is no reason for you to feel anything else but happy.



are you ready to take the first step towards making a change? starting therapy can feel overwhelming, however, it can bring you closer towards making a change that is the best for you.





I believe that trust, attunement & safety are essential to benefit from therapy. 


The Wandering Elephant

Whatever customs humanity had
Becomes waves of compassion
Nothing with shape and dimensions can keep still when passions move
Start your lives over
Everyone is totally forgiven, no matter what