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I understand that therapy is a financial commitment. 

It is also a place that you can experience healing and growth in a way that can transform your life. 

When you finally make the decision to begin therapy, you will be determined to see results, even if that means working through feelings that may be uncomfortable. 

My goal for therapy is to be brief & many of my clients benefit from short-term therapy. A few ways I am able to help clients see results is by:

  • Collaborating on an objective and goal at the onset of therapy. 

  • Checking in with clients on a regular basis to make sure they feel as if we are working through the root of the problem.

Because a positive relationship between the client and therapist is key to success, I recommend clients come in for at least 6 sessions to develop this relationship & determine objectives and goals. 

Individual 50 minute therapy session: $200

I currently do not participate with any insurance panels & considered an out-of-network provider.

I can provide clients a billing statement at the end of each month to be submitted for reimbursement for clients with PPO, HSA, or other flexible benefits. I encourage all my clients to speak with their insurance company about reimbursement for some portion of therapy.

I accept the following forms of payment: cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, HSA cards



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